Wholesale Catering


Retailing in Cork

Are you a Cork retailer, with a delicatessen or hot counter in your business? Or maybe you have a bar, cafe or restaurant in Cork and you want to supply a variety of fresh, delicious dishes to your customers. If yes,  we have the perfect solution for you. TLC can supply your deli/business with an array of freshly prepared food that delivers consistency to your customer at the highest standard, providing minimum waste and maximum profit.

Consistency is key when it comes to competitive advantage and customer delight, for us a happy customer is a repeat customer. Our ethos at TLC is to provide you with fresh, delicious quality products, all made in a HACCP approved kitchen.

We are delighted to offer a whole range of dishes from lasagne to curries that carry an approved gluten-free certification. This provides your business with the variety needed in the ever-popular growing demand for gluten-free products.

Please call us to discuss your options or if you would like to sample any of the products on the retail list.