Love Irish Food

Love Irish Food and Tadhg Long Catering.

Is it, or is it not, Irish?

This is the question many of us ask ourselves as we go about our weekly shop. Have you ever wandered around the supermarket putting food into your shopping trolley, really wanting to do your little bit by reducing your carbon footprint or supporting a small local business and at the same time supporting jobs in the locality? Only to find when you get home that the brand you actually bought, with the really lovely quaint Irish sounding name was actually manufactured outside of Ireland.

We have all been there, and it is very confusing on many levels, almost to the point that we may find ourselves giving up! Does this resonate with you?

This is one of the main reasons we, at Tadhg Long Catering (TLC Foods), decided that all our foods should carry the Love Irish Food logo. The Love Irish Food logo is there to reassure you, the shopper, that the item you are buying is in fact manufactured in the Republic of Ireland and that all the ingredients used are from Ireland where available.

When you see our products in the store, with the Love Irish Food logo you can be guaranteed that they are made in Cork, using fresh local produce when available. It also ensures that by supporting a small local business and not a super-giant, you are indirectly providing employment to local people and giving back to the local community.

When you make small changes in your shopping trolley by purchasing TLC Foods, not only are you buying healthy tasty delicious meals for you and your family, you are ticking off many boxes. You are being kinder to the environment by reducing imports, you are keeping jobs in your locality and you are finally doing what you set out to do, just trying to your little bit.

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