Stay in or go out?



Were you ever in a dilemma about whether to host an event at home/place of your choosing, or head out to a hotel or restaurant to celebrate? This article highlights 6 reasons why choosing a caterer may just be the perfect option for you.

You get to plan your event anytime and anywhere. There are no serving deadlines, no bar closing times (if you are at home),  no restrictions on table sizes and the kids don’t have to leave at 9 pm.

Customisation of menus. You can have input into the menu served. If you don’t like an aspect of something it can always be changed. A big bonus is you get to keep any leftovers. Great when you are maybe a little tired or hungover from the day’s festivities! Always nice when it’s a huge chunk of fresh cream roulade!

Maybe you are conscious of the environment and want a green friendly company, or maybe you would prefer to stick with a local supplier or one who supplies gluten-free dishes (ahem ahem). You get to chose who serves your event. This is possible when you are not limited to choosing from bricks and mortar establishment.

The personality of the event will be influenced by you and this will come across to your very envious guests. You get to decide the general theme of the event and put your stamp on it. You never know, you may unleash the creative side of yourself and fall in love with event planning. We did at TLC.

The bar bill is considerably lower than that of a hotel or restaurant and can go on all night if that’s what you like.

All service providers rely on you being satisfied with your service, but as an independent caterer, this is their sole income.  They don’t have footfall, or walk-ins like in a restaurant, or beds to hire as is the case with hotels. They really want to impress and relies on your word of mouth reviews, your referrals and of course your repeat business. They only have one chance to impress and therefore put a lot of effort into your event to get it perfect first time.

Phone or drop into us anytime to discuss your options. There are no obligations if you just want to have a chat and tease out your ideas to see if the catering option is suitable for you. Look forward to hearing from you.


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